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symposium – living & leisure
a platform for networking and exchanging ideas

When?: 10/22/2009 – 10/23/2009
Where?: congress|graz

alpha nova - open-minded forward thinkers working with persons with disabilities in Styria – would like to establish a platform facilitating the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas concerning the social conditions faced by, the rights of and the resources available to persons with multiple disabilities and psychological impairments. This exchange should take place in regular intervals and operate on a transnational level. The idea is to think outside the box and beyond our national boarders, to get things moving, to make important concerns visible, to change structures and to promote necessary changes. As such, alpha-nova has been organizing expert conferences on current issues biannually since 2005:

Out into the working world – a normalizing approach to occupational therapy
Libida – more desire in life – a way towards self-determined sexuality

The third alpha nova symposium – the first one initiated by the department of living and leisure – is scheduled to take place on October 22nd and 23rd, 2009, at congress|graz and will address the following topic:

lebens:art[en] – way(s) of life

inclusive opportunities for development
…living like I want to…

This symposium creates a platform for networking and discussing ideas in the following subject areas:

-How do persons with disabilities organize their living arrangements and free-time activities – what trends are indicating the future?

-How are wishes, goals and demands concerning accompaniment, support, and assistance in everyday life as well as in free-time activities changing?

-How does the interdisciplinary collaboration between different professional groups (such as educators and psychiatrists) work?

-How are the demands placed on future assistants and support works with regard to training, qualifications and the average work day changing?

-Preparing for and looking at the concrete demands in the field

-“At home, not in a home” – just a wish, or a reality by now?

-What kinds of models are there for “personal assistance budgets” and “personal assistance”?

-What kinds of general frameworks do politics create for inclusive living as well as inclusive leisure activities?

The alpha nova symposium – from its planning to its realization – is a proved green event.

An event, a conference, a meeting, or a symposium, as it is in our case, is designated as “proved green,” if it is planned and carried out in a sustainable and environmentally as well as socially compatible way.

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